Our Philosophy

Why our customers are so satisfied

Our approach

Throughout the years, we have adapted our approach seamlessly to the needs of our customers. We keep it simple: we don’t want our customers to get lost in a big, impersonal organization, so we assign one personal account manager to every client. In addition, we actively keep you posted on the progress of your project.

Think along & unburden

We like to keep it personal, but we also know exactly how to cater to your needs on a business level. Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we are exceptionally qualified to advise you in your projects, for example in regards to potentially interesting materials and production processes. In this way we always ensure an optimal cost-benefit ratio for your parts and products.

We take responsibility for the success of your project, from beginning to end. Rayding LinQ-U offers complete unburdening from A to Z!


23+ Suppliers


We always connect the right supplier to the right project.


56+ Satisfied Customers‚Äč

Satisfied Customers

We have built up a broad and loyal base of customers over the years.


25+ Years of Experience

Years of Experience‚Äč

Thanks to our decades long experience, we know exactly what our clients require.

The benefits of working with Rayding LinQ-U

One-on-One Contact

Our customers are assigned a dedicated account manager to carry responsibility for the project, keep you posted and answer questions.

In-House Quality Control

We strive for perfection, and expect the same of our suppliers. That’s why we maintain strict and professional quality control to ensure the highest standards of quality.

Decennialange Expertise

Our team has been in the industry for decades and know exactly what’s what. You can build on our knowledge!

Meet the Team

Leon Raymakers

General Director

Loek Smits

Operational Manager

Shati Jin

Financial Manager

Marcel van Grunsven


Robbie Miedema


Nard Raymakers

Emerging Markets

Customer satisfaction is key

Rayding LinQ-U is a trustworthy partner. Quality and flexibility guarantee that we are always reliably supplied, resulting in an excellent collaboration.

Henk van der Weide