Production Processes

A fitting solution for every product.

The largest price advantages are usually gained (or missed) when deciding which material and production process to use. The first important question is “which material is most suited for my product, within the financial restraints?”. After you’ve decided on the material, you will have to consider the limitations of producing with said material. The second relevant question, then, is how we are going to transform the chosen material into your end product, depending on for example the weight and mechanical demands of the product. Using our decades long experience and expertise, we can expertly guide you through this decision process to ensure you are making the right decisions from both an economical and qualitative perspective.

Always the most suitable foundry

Every foundry has different areas of expertise and equipment, and every foundry has pros and cons. Thanks to our large professional network, we can always match your needs to the most suitable foundry to maximize the cost-benefit ratio.

Priceless knowledge

Due to our wide range of options in terms of techniques and materials, deciding what’s best for your product can be confusing. That’s why we employ the knowledge we’ve gained over the last few decades, manufacturing hundreds of different products, to help you every step of the way and ensure the very best end result.

A few of our production possibilities

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